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The White Moose

Fifty white moose call the forests of Värmland, Sweden, home. It’s a unique gathering of these elusive and rare animals. We join filmmaker Ulf Jonasson as he follows one moose in particular through the change of the seasons.

During his 25 years as a wild life film maker Ulf has never established such a close to spiritual contact with an animal as with this majestic white bull. He calls him Ferdinand.

We get close to Ferdinand on his journey through the seasons, taking us through the hunting season, some magical summer moments and we follow his encounters with human life while scrumping apples in a garden and strolling along the highway.

It’s a quiet yet enthralling portrait of a rare and wild animal told with a pace that will make us yearn for the peace of the wild.

Genre: Documentary
Original title: Den vita älgen
Year: 2018
Duration: 1 x 58'
Producer: Ulf Jonasson
Produced by: Vildmarksforum for SVT
Available in HD: Yes
Format: 16:9

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