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The Temple of Dreams

Åsele is a small, depopulating community in remote Sweden. The community is struggling for survival, but when a Buddhist congregation plan to build a huge temple there, a ray of light suddenly shines. Most people dismiss the project as madness, but the municipal councillor Bert-Rune Dahlberg puts all his efforts into it. Will the Buddhist temple in Åsele ever become reality, or is it just an idle dream?

In the film we get to follow Bert-Rune Dahlberg on an unlikely journey, from 2004 until today. The home-loving man, who has never even owned a passport before, suddenly finds himself in Bangkok, delivering a speech to a big UN conference. Bert-Rune also gets to meet rich and influential Thai businessmen, as well as the highest Buddhist monk in Thailand.

Critics mock Bert-Rune Dahlberg and the whole temple project, while he firmly believes it is a unique possibility to revive the community of Åsele. The venture takes Bert-Rune to the other side of the world, but it also turns into a very personal journey for the former road worker. The close encounter with Buddhism makes him reflect on the meaning of life and how to treat your fellow man.

The Temple of Dreams is a warm and humorous film about fighting against all odds and never giving up.

Genre: Documentary
Original title: Tempelriddaren
Year: 2014
Duration: 59'
Director: Jan Färingö, Ola Holmström
Producer: Eva Sandelin
Produced by: SVT
Format: 16:9

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