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The Second Rape

Award Winner Prix Europa

"The second rape" is a shocking story about two young rape victims in the small society Bjasta in the northern part of Sweden. Although the rapist is convicted in the court of law, people in Bjasta are starting to blame the victims.

Nobody seems to care about the critical evidence that exists. Almost everybody believes that the girls are lying and no one puts an end to the nightmare, not even the school management or the church involved. Instead, the offender is being celebrated.

"The second rape" deals with several sensitive topics such as guilt and blame, gender issues and how rumors become facts and devastates the lifes of two young girls.

"The second rape" has already taken Sweden and Europe by storm, winning two prestigious prices nationally and Prix Europa in Berlin, for best European current affairs film 2010. It is a 45 minute true TV experience as the producers piece by piece unfold the story.

Genre: Documentary
Original title: Den andra våldtäkten
Year: 2010
Duration: 48´
Director: Hasse Johansson and Nicke Nordmark
Produced by: SVT / Uppdrag granskning
Available in HD: Yes

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