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The Perfect Child

How does a child with Down’s Syndrome affect its family? As a parent, how should you relate to your child and how do you make your life work with one child that demands so much time and commitment?

Kristina Ahlinder and Mia Wright gave birth to two babies during the same week in 2004. Both babies, Stella and Ossian, were born with Down’s Syndrome, and the women’s life took a totally new turn, something they have handled in very different ways. In “The Perfect Child” the two women tells us how it is to live with a child that most people would have aborted.

Kristina Ahlinder always dreamt of the perfect life with happy babies. When Stella was born her dream dissolved and now being pregnant again, at the age of 41, Kristina is worried what’s going to happen. She has decided not to do any test, but to have the baby even if it has Down’s Syndrome.

Mia Wright has been fighting to understand peoples views on children with Down’s Syndrome ever since her son was born. She travels to Denmark to meet a doctor that works with diagnose foetuses and the consequences of this: that parents can decide if to have an abortion when they discover that their child has Down’s Syndrome. Is that right or wrong?

Genre: Documentary
Original title: Det rätta barnet
Year: 2012
Duration: 58'
Director: Kristina Ahlinder, Mia Wright
Produced by: Vision Tree
Format: 16:9

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