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The Library Thief

John, who works at the National Library of Sweden, comes up with a way to take charge of his pitiful finances. He begins to steal and sell valuable books from the library's collection. As time goes on, that decision has dire consequences. Gustaf Skarsgård plays the lead. The plot is based on a true story.

Unlike his colleagues, John grew up in a poor home. He has a gnawing feeling that never goes away, a sense of being unfairly treated due to his underprivileged background. John gets the library job but soon realises that his new salary has made his financial situation even worse. Before long he figures out that he can steal books without much risk of getting caught.

A team of three female librarians conducts an internal investigation to find out what is going on. Their discreet, methodical detective work turns up some unsettling clues.

Genre: Drama
Original title: Bibliotekstjuven
Year: 2011
Duration: 3 x 58'
Director: Daniel Lind Lagerlöf
Produced by: SVT
Available in HD: Yes

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