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The Last Harvest

A film about an element most people just take for granted, something that is an absolute condition for life as we know it: soil.

The soil is teeming with life and contains billions of bacteria, fungi and other organisms that makes it fertile and rich. Soil is the very foundation of our civilisation, of nature, environment, food chains and food.

But the microbiological world and life are under constant threat. Years of pesticides has killed a large part of the natural fauna and flora of microbial life. Experts in England fear that if our model of production does not change we have as little as 100 harvests left.

The Last Harvest highlights a huge and urgent environmental issue. How, for instance, do we feed an increasing population when up to 40% of the planets arable soils are already depleted?

But the film also shines a ray of hope by showing good examples. Like that of Gabe Brown in North Dakota, who has switched from conventional farming to one without poisons and fertilizers. 2,000 hectares of crop rotation and natural fertilizer - has he found a rational solution to this pressing problem?

The film is shot in crisp and beautiful 4K, using the latest technique to capture the soil in all it's endangered glory. The Last Harvest is filmed in UK, France, Spain and USA, and will premiere on SVT in the spring of 2017.

Genre: Documentary
Original title: Jordfilmen
Year: 2017
Duration: 59'
Director: Tina-Marie Qwiberg
Producer: Michael Qwiberg
Produced by: Triq Produktion, in a co-production with SVT
Available in HD: Yes
Format: 16:9

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