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The Intern Chef

Swedish Michelin-starred chef Niklas Ekstedt sets out to work in the kitchens of some of the top chefs in the world, to learn their secrets and pick up inspiration. His goal is to compose and cook a meal that hopefully will make it all the way into the restaurants menu. And he has got only five days to succeed...

In Denmark Niklas Ekstedt meets the British chef Paul Cunningham. A few years ago, when running a top restaurant in Copenhagen, Paul suffered a stress related blood clot. He decided to drop a gear and now Paul runs the peaceful tavern Henne Kirkeby Kro on the Danish west coast. But Niklas' week at the tavern is far from tranquile. He experiences everything from off-road driving in an old ambulance and spending a night in an abandoned lighthouse, to setting up a chaotic ABBA musical in the kitchen.

Niklas travels to Lima in Peru to meet the star chef Gastón Acurio. He runs the renowned restaurant Astrid y Gastón and has renewed the Peruvian cuisine, making it world famous. In fact, Gastón Acurio is so popular in Peru that there are campaigns to make him run for president. So Niklas has got a lot to live up to if he is going to impress one of the worlds most well-known chefs. Niklas decides to cook his own version of the Peruvian dish Causa.
Astrid y Gastón is #18 on the list "The Worlds 50 Best Restaurants".

Margot Henderson is the chef behind the much talked-about restaurant Rochelle Canteen, hidden in an old bicycle shed in eastern London. Margot's skills have made celebrities like Björk and Keira Knightley flock at her establishment, along with ordinary Londoners. Margot believes young gourmet chefs have destroyed European gastronomy, and she is not overly impressed with the dishes Niklas prepares.

Niklas travels all the way to Mexico City, to work as an intern at the renowned restaurant Pujol. Here the chef Enrique Olvera takes the traditional dishes of the Mexican streets and recomposes them to fit a top notch restaurant. Enrique is incredibly busy, but still finds time to show Niklas the exciting food culture of Mexico. And in Pujol Niklas gets to taste the most delicious dish he has ever eaten in his whole life.
Pujol is #20 on the list "The Worlds 50 Best Restaurants".

Iñaki Aizpitarte runs the bistro Le Chateaubriand in Paris. Iñaki is a true food rebel, and he stirred a lot of emotions in the Parisian food world when he opened his bistro back in 2006. Many know-it-alls frowned at Iñaki's mixing of traditional French food with more provocative dishes. Today Iñaki Aizpitarte is one of the most influential chefs in the world, but that's no big deal for him. Iñaki is not an easily impressed man, something that Niklas really gets to experience during his week in Paris.
Le Chateaubriand is #27 on the list "The Worlds 50 Best Restaurants".

This programme is available both as ready-mades and format. Please contact Paulette Rosas Hott ( for any further questions.

Genre: Lifestyle
Original title: Niklas mat
Sub-genres: Food/Drink  
Year: 2015
Duration: 5 x 30
Director: Mikael Hansson
Producer: Mikael Hansson, Fredrik Norberg
Produced by: SVT
Available in HD: Yes
Format: 16:9

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