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The Art of Killing a Politician

A gripping portrait of the person who may be the first woman in Guatemala’s history to become President. It follows the extremely precarious path Sandra Torres travels and witnesses the sacrifice her candidacy entails - the hardships and the price she must pay for her determination to improve the lot of the Guatemalan majority.

The real enemy to Guatemala is not Sandra herself: it is intolerance, poverty, corruption, drug dealing and a long list of problems affecting Guatemala and the current government. Sandra Torres’ case is just another episode in the long list of attacks against democracy.

The film tells a fascinating story about dramatic times in a country with insurmountable differences, a land with a hidden trauma possibly provoked by the longest civil war ever in Latin America. The film depicts Sandra´s permanent fight for social reforms and human rights in a violent and underdeveloped country.

The Torres divorce scandal ended in the resolution issued by the Constitutional Court to reject her candidacy in the last elections. Currently – autumn 2015 - she is emerging once more as the presidential candidate of the National Unity of Hope (UNE), this time without any hindrance.
The filmmakers got a unique opportunity to follow Sandra Torres in her work with a controversial social and political program for the country’s poor indigenous women and their families.

Ulf Hultberg and Åsa Faringer have previously directed more than 60 feature and documentary films. They have received numerous Swedish and International Awards, among others the Guldbagge Award for Best Directors for the feature film ”The Daughter of the Puma”.

”A powerful film about Sandra Torres and women’s emancipation in Guatemala.”
Ann-Catrin Emanuelsson, OmVärlden

”This story about the political process in Guatemala is very timely, since Torres is once again running for President in the election 2015.”
Agnes Lindström, Nöjesguiden

”[...] shines a light on a dark spot in the medias foreign reporting.”
Helena Lindblad, Dagens Nyheter

”A catchy, human and highly exciting lecture in South American post WWII history.”
Pia Bergström, Aftonbladet

Genre: Documentary
Original title: Konsten att döda en politiker
Sub-genres: Current Affairs  Politics  
Year: 2015
Duration: 59'
Script: Ulf Hultberg, Åsa Faringer
Director: Ulf Hultberg, Åsa Faringer
Producer: Ulf Hultberg
Produced by: Original Film AB, in a co-production with SVT
Available in HD: Yes

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