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Sam Takes Charge

Sam Takes Charge is about empathy, fitting in and resolving other peoples problems. During the series our young hero Sam ends up in both awkward and hilarious situations. Nominated for Chicago International Children's Film Festival 2013.

One day, eight year old Sam finds a ring and tries it on - boom - the ring is stuck! It turns out that the ring has magical powers and in difficult situations it transforms Sam into the person he least wants to be.

To become himself again, Sam has to solve a problem the other person is experiencing, and he has to do so while being trapped inside that persons body!

Sam’s parents are divorced but by his side he always has his best friend Palle. Together they share a huge interest in Superheroes and in their secret basement they build their own heroes out of trash and junk.

Genre: Children
Original title: Sam tar över
Year: 2012
Duration: 12 x 19'
Script: Anders Sparring, Jan Vierth, Martin Olzcak, Frida Derwinger, Ditta Bongenhielm
Director: Calle Åstrand, Lena Koppel, Jesper Danielsson
Producer: Johanna Gårdare/SVT
Produced by: Inhouse SVT production
Available in HD: Yes
Format: 16:9

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