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Pax’s Adventures on Earth

In this series we get to follow the crazy space cargo pilot Pax, from the planet Ypsagon, on her funny and exciting adventures on the strange planet called Earth. There she has to fight many obstacles, including the Angry Lady. The series is without any dialogue, only accompanied by sound effects and a voice-over.

Season one starts with Pax spilling a milk drink right into her space ships control panel. This causes an explosion, dispersing the ships crucial radar system. Pax now realises that she has to salvage all the ten pieces of the radar system on planet Earth, before she can launch into outer space again.

In each episode Pax encounters the Angry Lady in her search for the radar parts. This leads to both exciting and humorous situations, where Pax has to use all her imagination to escape the Angry Lady.

In season two Pax returns to Earth where she falls deeply in love with a chocolate fountain. Pax believes that bringing the fountain back to Ypsagon will make her King of her native planet. But first she has to collect all the parts of the chocolate fountain, which are scattered around planet Earth…

Pax’s Adventures on Earth is a funny and witty series, full of slapstick and absurd humour. The series is one of the most watched children’s programmes of all times on SVT’s VOD platform. It has also been aired with great success in both Denmark and Finland.

A third season is currently in production, to be launched in January 2016.

Genre: Children
Original title: Pax jordiska äventyr
Year: 2012 & 2014
Duration: 10 x 15’ (season I), 10 x 15 (season II)
Script: Petter Bragée, Sanna Persson Halapi
Director: Petter Bragée
Producer: Göran Ehrnström, Martin Persson
Produced by: Anagram for SVT
Available in HD: Yes
Format: 16:9
Cast: Sanna Persson Halapi, Eva Westerling, Erkki Orava, Anders Jansson

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