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Gotta Dance!

A documentary series about dance, passion and fierce competition. Originally commissioned for the web.

The series depicts the lives of eight of Sweden’s most promising talents within dancesport, on the dance floor and in their private lives.

We follow the dancers through good and bad, success and failure. They are elite athletes, putting all their energy and effort into dancing.

They have to sacrifice everything – family, friends, relationships, school and careers.

One of the couples, Frida Steffensen and Dawid Kaleta, break up their engagement during the shooting of the series, but still choose to go on competing as a couple in dancesport A tough decision that creates a lot of tension, both on and off the dance floor.

Ballroom dancing builds up something of a dream world, where the surface needs to be absolutely perfect. The dancers always have to look spotless, beautiful, sensual and controlled – even when they are in great pain.

There is not much money to be made in dancesport. Instead the reward comes on the dance floor, in that magic moment when everything is easy and the feeling is just right.

Genre: Documentary
Original title: Måste dansa!
Year: 2015
Duration: 8 x 15'
Script: Lisen Lindahl
Director: Lisen Lindahl
Producer: Lisen Lindahl, Patrick Bratt
Produced by: Titan Television for SVT
Available in HD: Yes
Format: 16:9

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