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Murkles and Purkles I & II

A humorous series of short animations, about creatures living on a tropical island.

Murkles are small colorful beings living in the woods of the exciting Murkling Island. The happy and joyful Murkles come in different shapes and in every color of the rainbow. They are curious and love to explore their island, but they are also very easy to scare.

The Murkles would live happily ever after if it wasn’t for the Purkles who also inhabit the Island. The Purkles are grey and spiky and they love to frighten the Murkles. They come out whenever they can bully the Murkles or steal their things.

The quarrel between the Murkles and Purkles is like a playful fight between good and evil, suitable even for the youngest viewers.

The Murkles and Purkles speak a gibberish language, so the series does not need any dubbing.

Genre: Children
Original title: Murklor och purklor
Sub-genres: Anime  Young Children  
Year: 2009 & 2014
Duration: 20x2’ (Season I) & 20 x 2’ (Season II)
Director: Jonathan Sjöberg
Producer: Jonathan Sjöberg, Andreas Öhman
Produced by: Naive for SVT
Available in HD: Yes

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