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A family drama series set in a small village in southern Sweden in the late 1940’s. There we meet Majken, a resourceful and imaginative child full of pranks and grand ideas. But sometimes Majken is a bit too full of imagination - she can not always stick to the truth which puts her in many troublesome situations.

Majken’s got a younger sister and a younger brother, for whom she is the obvious leader. Her father works as a tailor but her mother has nervous problems and is often bedridden. Majken is a brave girl with integrity and when problems pile up in the family she takes on a great deal of responsibility.

“Majken” is a both funny and gripping drama series about growing up under meager circumstances. To get along our young heroine uses her two greatest assets – fantasy and ingenuity.

Majken - Malin Bergström
Sven-Olof - Peter Viitanen
Majken’s father - Johan H:son Kjellgren
Majken’s mother - Bergljot Arnadottir
School teacher - Harriet Andersson

Genre: Children
Original title: Majken
Year: 1995
Duration: 3 x 41’ (approximately)
Script: Margareta Strömstedt (after her own books about Majken)
Director: Kjell-Åke Andersson
Producer: Ingrid Dahlberg, Anders Granström
Produced by: SVT
Format: 4:3

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