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Loving Lorna

Loving Lorna revolves around 17-year-old Lorna who lives in Ballymun, a run-down public housing estate in Dublin, known for its high-rises blocks and urban equestrian culture.

There’s always been a strong horse culture in Ballymun and Lorna and her family are a part of it, which in many ways was, and still is, their saving grace. Her unemployed father finds structure and purpose in daily life by caring for his horses, while her sick mother wistfully remembers the days when she used to turn heads as she galloped through the fields and town.

Lorna's best friend is the horse Big Foot, which she got from her father when she was one year old. It's Lorna's last summer break from school and Ballymun's characteristic high-rises, the Towers, the previous home of the family, are being torn down. Together with her father, Lorna takes the family’s horses out to graze on empty lots and dreams about becoming a farrier. However, things might not turn out as planned. This is a poetic and empowering coming-of-age film about a young woman just embarking on her adult life, a story of longing, happiness, horses, disappointments and dreams. And also how people can create meaning in their lives beyond that which is expected.

The documentary has screened at numerous festivals is nominated for Best TV documentary at PRIX EUROPA 2017

Genre: Documentary
Original title: Loving Lorna
Sub-genres: Arts & Culture  Human Interests  Relations  
Year: 2017
Script: Jessica Karlsson, Annika Karlsson
Director: Jessica Karlsson, Annika Karlsson
Producer: Jessica Karlsson, Annika Karlsson
Produced by: Systerskaparna
Available in HD: Yes
Format: 16:9

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