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Life Begins at 100

“Don’t come to me and say that things were better before, because they weren’t. I have a few years left, I’m going to live it up!” - Dagny Carlsson

She has been presented as ”The world’s oldest blogger” and ”Sweden’s most up-to-date pensioner”. Meet Dagny Carlsson, 103 years old! Dagny has had quite a few ups and downs. Although she dreamed of a higher education as a child her duties towards her younger siblings made it impossible. She was locked into closets by the people that meant most to her – first her strict mother and then her first husband, an extremely jealous alcoholic.

Having lived more than a century Dagny has lost track of the number of funerals she has attended. When it seemed like her life was almost over she bought a computer, taught herself how to use it, and started a blog. Soon she had over half a million readers. Dagny is invited to celebrity parties and premieres making new acquaintances and she also gets the opportunity to sit on political panels.

Life Begins at 100 was a tremendous success when aired in Sweden, with close to a million people tuning in. Many viewers where deeply touched and inspired by Dagny’s life story, opti¬mism and zest for life, despite her old age. The film was celebrated in social media and it became one of the most shared TV program¬me in years.

Life Begins at 100 won the AVAST Foundation Audience Award at One World Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Prague, 2017.

Genre: Documentary
Original title: Livet börjar vid 100
Year: 2015
Duration: 58'
Script: Åsa Blanck
Director: Åsa Blanck
Producer: Åsa Blanck, Charlotte Hellström
Produced by: SVT
Available in HD: Yes
Format: 16:9

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