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Labyrinth – Children’s format

Labyrinth is an original SVT format and one of our most popular programmes for children. The series has run for 3 consecutive seasons and it has recently gained international reputation with nominations at the iEmmy’s, Prix Jeunesse and Banff Rockie Awards.

Labyrinth was developed out of a target group survey, asking 8-year-old girls what they lacked in SVT’s offering. Many respondents wanted something exciting and a bit scary, “like a TV game with monsters and a lot of imagination”.

The result is Labyrinth, a game show in a fantasy world filled with slime, mazes and strange creatures. In the cool retro-future environment reigns the designer and inventor Daedalus, who dares children to search for the secret teleporter that leads to his underwater world.

In each episode a team of three children challenge Daedalus and his robots. To get to the finals, and eventually defeat Daedalus, the children have to collect as many “life pucks” as possible. But if they fail they will be “slimed out” and sent back through the teleporter.

Genre: Children
Original title: Labyrint
Year: 2012-2014
Duration: 26 x 28' (3 seasons)
Director: Sanna Ekman
Producer: Sanna Ekman
Produced by: SVT
Available in HD: Yes
Format: 16:9

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