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Khao Lak

SVT's reporter Jens Lind escaped the tsunami in 2004 by a whisker. The days before the disaster, he was in the Thai resort Khao Lak with his family. Oddly enough he was filming a documentary with the working title "The Threatened Paradise."

- Of course I didn’t have a tsunami in mind back then. The threat that I intended regarded mass tourism. How do we as tourists affect and change the places we love?, says Jens Lind.

The film “Khao Lak” is a unique document of a place that disappeared and then reappeared again. Since the tsunami Jens Lind has gone back several times to see what has happened to the resort. He was particularly curious about the developments surrounding the place where his own paradise once stood. Mai's Quiet Zone was a charming little bungalow place that attracted people from all over the world. Jens and his family were some of it’s last guests.

- It was like nothing I've seen before. The trees went right through the houses. It was like a small jungle where nature always had been allowed to prevail, says Jens Lind.

Three days before the tsunami he left Khao Lak, with what would later prove to be unique film material.

- On the beach where we lived there were mostly simple family-owned bungalows. Today they have been replaced by fancy hotels and luxury villas. The big chains have taken over Khao Lak. It was perhaps an inevitable trend, but it was greatly accelerated by the tsunami, says Jens Lind.

Mai's Quite Zone was owned by the American Douglas Fairweather and his Thai wife Mai. Douglas was one of the few at the hotel that survived the tsunami. The film is also a depiction of his life over the last ten years, a long and winding journey where the grief over his beloved Mai is ever present.

Genre: Documentary
Original title: Khao Lak
Year: 2014
Duration: 58
Script: Jens Lind
Director: Jens Lind
Producer: Jens Lind, Annika Hamngren
Produced by: Jens Lind Produktion for SVT
Available in HD: Yes
Format: 16:9

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