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Hasse’s Garden

"Maize is nice!" - Hasse

In Hasse’s Garden children gather to learn more about vegetables and all things needed in a garden to make them grow. The old and new generation meet and learn from each other. In each episode they collaborate on a new song, celebrating that particular episode’s fruit or vegetable.

They also make dishes out of their harvest, serving up zucchini pancakes, carrot cake and green buttered corn. The program educates children about where our food come from while showing us it is possible for anyone to try gardening at home. You don’t need a garden, you can simply put seeds in a pot on your windowsill. And add water, sun, and love.

Genre: Children
Original title: Hasses trädgård
Year: 2016
Duration: 10 x 15
Director: Klas Karterud
Producer: Ingela Envall, Kajsa Peters
Produced by: SVT

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