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Emotions with Eva

Why do we have emotions and why are they necessary for our survival? In this brand new series well-known Swedish TV host Eva Funck explains emotions like anxiety, anger, joy and shame, and how we as humans can handle them better.

- I believe we don´t talk enough about emotions. The idea of this series is to help children finding tools and giving them practical tips on how to deal with emotions. And I’m sure that adults can learn a lot from this series too, says Eva Funck.

In the series we get to know how our emotions and feelings work, and why we experience them. What happens in brain parts like the amygdala, hippocampus and cortex when we feel something? How does it affect our body? How is it that emotions can be helpful but also create problems? And how do we deal with them in our everyday lives?

- Our emotions are necessary tools for survival, since they serve as both alarm bells and airbags, as well as giving guidance. For instance, without fear we would have been eaten long ago and without shame we couldn’t function in groups, which is necessary for survival, explains Eva Funck.

Emotions with Eva is aimed at children 6-12 years old and their parents.

“Insanely good program on @svt! Emotions with Eva. Teaches children to talk about and identify emotions. The best...”

“Emotions with Eva is so important for my son. He watches every episode with such focus.”

“Emotions with Eva on SVT. Amazingly good! Interesting for both young and old.”

“Watching Emotions with Eva together with my son. Eva Funck is extremely good at explaining so that everyone can understand.”

Genre: Children
Original title: Evas känslokoll
Year: 2015
Duration: 10 x 15'
Script: Eva Funck
Director: Erland Beskow
Producer: Erland Beskow
Produced by: Funck Beskow Produktion for SVT
Available in HD: Yes
Format: 16:9

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