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Chasing the Snow Leopard

The Swedish scientist Örjan Johansson spends much of the year high up in the Mongolian mountains. There he tracks and tags snow leopards, to learn more about their movements and habits. Snow leopards are shy and elusive animals and today there are only few of them left. An exciting and touching film about a man fighting for an endangered species.

The Swedish TV host Anders Lundin has been obsessed with snow leopards for as long as he can remember. A dream comes true for him when he gets a chance to visit Örjan Johansson, who is working on a project to research and preserve the rare species. But Anders must help out as an assistant during his visit - Örjan has got no time for tourists!

Anders gets to stay with Örjan in a small yurt in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia. There, in the absolute wilderness, Örjan has been living on and off for four years with his cat Friday as only company.

Örjan Johansson holds an unofficial world record of collaring wild snow leopards, with 19 different individuals. The day before Anders arrives he has caught two animals in his traps, and chances that he will catch one more are minimal.

But suddenly one of the traps sends out the longed-for signal. It is a very emotional moment for Anders, when he gets to see a live snow leopard for the first time. He also gets to handle and check it after it has been sedated.

And later that year Örjan Johansson becomes the first person ever to track and film female snow leopards with cubs, in their remote dens. The videos of the snow leopard families are published on websites all around the world, making Örjan somewhat of a wildlife celebrity.

Genre: Documentary
Original title: Örjan, snöleoparden och jag
Year: 2013
Duration: 58
Director: Anders Lundin
Producer: Anders Lundin, Gunilla Eriksson
Produced by: SVT
Available in HD: Yes
Format: 16:9

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