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Body Machine

"The body is just like a machine!" - Eva

The body is like a machine. It consists of various parts that needs looking after and it also needs energy, or fuel, in order to function. In each program we go through small parts and functions of the body through looking at enlargements of the same - a cavity in the skeleton where blood cells are created or a model showing how the fibre of muscles grow through exercise and why it hurts.

The show educates us about our bodies and our foods. Many children today doesn’t know why you need to eat certain things. In this program we educate everyone to want to eat things that are good for the body.

Many efforts are made to give advice on nutrition to parents who are fighting to convince their children to finish their plates and keep a healthy and balanced diet, and that sugar is bad. Body Machine wants to make a difference through engaging children’s own interest in what the body machine needs to work properly. The program never talks about calories or what is bad food, but the series aim is to create an interest in how the body functions, and what it needs.
Each episode focuses on one part of the body; bones, muscles, blood, lungs, kidneys, pancreas, intestines, nerves, skin, and eyes. The body’s many parts are presented in a humorous and joyful way as we find out what the part is used for, what it needs to function, and where in the pantry or fridge we find can find the fuel needed by that particular part.

Genre: Children
Original title: Maskinen och kroppen
Year: 2017
Duration: 10 x 14
Script: Eva Funck
Director: Erland Beskow
Producer: Erland Beskow
Produced by: Funck Beskow Produktion for SVT
Available in HD: Yes

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