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All children love Babblarna!

Babblarna are a colourful bunch who have taken Sweden by storm. Each character speaks its own language: Babba talks Babbish and Diddi talks Diddish and so on, but like magic they all understand each other perfectly!

Babblarna use the melody of spoken language and so the child is trained in how language sounds, but is also encouraged to start ‘babbling’. To get started with speech and language without using real words acts as a catalyst for many children, especially those who have difficulties in their language development. While playing with and listening to the characters, saying their names and copying their special way of talking, the children develop their own language. For some children, Babblarna offer real, practical help, and for others they are “just” enjoyable and entertaining characters. All children love Babblarna.

Babblarna’s first film came out in 2016 and has to date sold 28 000 units (in Sweden). Babblarna is also available as books, education packs, games, plush toys, music and apps. And Babblarna – the first musical was a sell-out success while playing at one of Stockholm’s largest theatres.

Genre: Children
Original title: Babblarna
Sub-genres: Anime  
Year: 2017
Duration: Various
Script: Anneli Tisell
Director: Anneli Tisell
Producer: Anneli Tisell
Produced by: Hatten Education
Available in HD: Yes
Format: 16:9

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