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Automation – And the Future of Jobs

A documentary exploring how digitalization, robotics and automation could reshape the future of jobs.

What happens to jobs in a world increasingly handled by computers and machines? Will we be able to create new jobs at the same rate as the old ones disappear? If not, what is to become of the people that have been replaced by the machines and the algorithms?

Thoughtful interviews with some of the planet's most distinguished economists and futurists are interspersed with visits to workplaces around the world, that provide clues as to what the future might look like.

We travel to Silicon Valley and examine the progress of self-driving cars, a technology that could make millions of jobs in the transportation industry redundant.

We visit the world's perhaps most efficient storage solution, Quiet Logistics, which instead of hiring thousands of workers invested in 200 robots.

And you will get to meet the algorithm-based software that writes articles on its own for the prestigious newspaper Los Angeles Times.

Genre: Documentary
Original title: Den automatiserade framtiden
Year: 2016
Duration: 59
Director: Magnus Sjöström
Producer: Magnus Sjöström
Produced by: UR
Available in HD: Yes
Format: 16:9

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