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The Making of a Putin

"It was a game. You play a bad game long enough, you end up with disaster." - Jeffrey Sachs

Russia’s transformation from communism to marketing economy almost ended as a disaster. Out of the ashes rose an autocratic president ruling his country with an iron fist. How did we get here?

SVT’s former correspondent Peter Löfgren tells the story of what happened when a group of young capitalists from the West was invited to take part in the reform of Russia. Some became immensely wealthy at the same time as the majority kept living in misery.

The attempts failed and the road to power opened for another type of leader – his name was Vladimir Putin. Interviews with Jeffrey Sachs, Professor of Economics, David Lipton, vice president IMF, Grigorij Javlinskij, opposition leader, Graham Allison, Professor at Harvard, and banker Boris Jordan among others.

Genre: Documentary
Original title: Att skapa en Putin
Year: 2016
Duration: 1 x 60'
Producer: Peter Löfgren
Produced by: Axel Arnö, Ingemar Persson
Available in HD: Yes
Format: 16:9

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