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SVT’s slate for MIPCOM 2016

SVT Sales brings 16 new programmes and 3 new formats to the upcoming MIPCOM market, including a vegetarian cooking series, an LGBT drama series for children and a portrait of David Lagercrantz, author of the sequel to Stieg Larsson’s worldwide megahit trilogy about superhacker Lisbeth Salander.

Click here to download SVT Sales’ catalogue for Children’s Programmes.
Click here to download SVT Sales’ catalogue for Doc’s, Lifestyle, Culture & Drama.


Children’s Programmes

The Rainbow Family is a drama series about 5-year-olds Acke and Fia, who live in an extended LGBT family, with two mums, two dads, eight grandparents and a great-grandmother. The series wants to show children that families today come in all shapes and sizes, but without stressing this fact in any way.

Selma’s Saga is a colourful adventure series in 24 episodes. It tells the story of 8-year-old Selma, who manages to sneak onboard an airship expedition to the North Pole. The expedition, led by the eccentric scientist Ephraim von Triplehat, is aiming to prove that Santa Claus really exists.

Bon is a wild and crazy French chef who loves to cook food from all over the world – thrashing around in his kitchen, improvising the recipes as he goes along. This series of short, humorous programmes is extremely popular on SVT’s free-VOD platform with both younger and older children.

SVT Sales also brings three new kids TV formats, the reality series Zombie, lifestyle series I Want a New Room, and food series Our Restaurant.



David Lagercrantz – The Year in the Spider’s Web is a behind-the-scenes look at one of the biggest book releases in recent years, namely the sequel to Stieg Larsson’s enormously successful Millenium trilogy. It is also an intimate portrait of it’s author, David Lagercrantz.

The Road to Madness is a touching film about a down-and-out man, Kent Sidvall, and how he manages to sing his way out of homelessness and drug addiction.

Automation is a documentary exploring how digitalization, robotics and automation could reshape the future of labour markets. The film is shot in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, New York, London and more.

In Erik Gandini’s recent documentary ”The Swedish Theory of Love” (2015) there is a character who stands out from the crowd, the surgeon Erik Erichsen. The Rebel Surgeon is an intimate portrait of him and his wife Sennait. When Dr Erichsen got tired of Swedish bureaucracy he moved to Ethiopia. In a small field hospital, with limited resources, he uses anything at hand to help the patients.

The Last Harvest is a film about an element most people just take for granted, something that is an absolute condition for life as we know it: soil. The soil is teeming with life and contains billions of bacteria, fungi and other organisms that makes it fertile and rich. But the microbiological world and life are under constant threat. The Last Harvest highlights a huge and urgent environmental issue. Shot in 4K.

Sápmi Sisters is a four-part documentary series following the two Sami sisters Maxida and Mimie Märak. Maxida is a rapper, joiker and actress, while Mimie is devoted to poetry slam and spoken word. They both live in Jokkmokk in northern Sweden, fighting for the rights of the Sami people.



Veggie Galore is Sweden’s first all-vegetarian cooking program, where the two enthusiastic chefs Karoline Jönsson and Elenore Bendel-Zahn cook 100% wholesome and natural food. Grilled vegetarian hamburgers, veggie tacos and edible face masks are but some of the gorgeous meals they prepare.

SVT Sales also brings the last season of the popular show The Garden Time to MIPCOM. In it the show host and her aides spend much of the time preparing the garden for an outdoor wedding, between Destiny and Hanna.


Cultural Programmes

William Shakespeare wrote a lot of music and dances into many of his famous plays. In the film Shakespeare – More than Words we get to see and hear the original versions of the songs and dances, which today are almost forgotten.

The documentary The Fantastic Journey – A Portrait of Daniel Harding is about the fruitful collaboration between renowned conductor Daniel Harding and the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra. The same conductor and orchestra are also featured in The Hidden Symphony, where they perform Felix Mendelssohn’s mysterious Symphony No. 5.

To perform at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York, is an unobtainable dream for many artists. In SVT’s new music series, A Night in New York, some of Sweden’s biggest artists get the chance to sing in front of a big crowd in this famous concert hall. Backing up the artists is ”The Late Show Gospel Choir”, known from David Letterman’s talkshow. The choir is directed by the charismatic Lady Peachena.

In this series the myth about men from Tornedalen is put to test. What are these men capable of and what kind of self-perspective do they have? Are they prepared to put their manhood at stake by participating in something as odd as The Sauna Ballet.