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Sunny Side of the Doc 2019

SVT Sales will be at Sunny Side of the Doc in La Rochelle on June 24-27. Please come and see us at Table C13.

footageMarketplace 2019

SVT Archive Sales will be at the footageMarketplace in London on May 15. Please come and see us at Table 13 on 195 Piccadilly (home of BAFTA).

footageMarketplace 2018

SVT Archive Sales will be at the footageMarketplace in London on June 13. Please come and see us at Table 16 on 195 Piccadilly (home of BAFTA).


SVT Archive Sales at the footageMarketplace on May 24

SVT Archive Sales will be at the footageMarketplace in London on Wednesday May 24. Please come and see us at Table 16 on 195 Piccadilly (home of BAFTA).

MIP TV in Cannes 2017

Please meet us at our stand R7.E53  Do not hesitate to just step by!

Paulette, Nilla and Anna.

SVT’s new shows for MIPCOM

SVT Sales brings eleven new programmes and three new formats to the upcoming MIPCOM market.

Click here to read more.

If Walls Could Talk wins format prize

SVT’s lifestyle series If Walls Could Talk today won EBU’s format competition Eurovision Creative Forum.

The readymade, Swedish programmes are sold by SVT and the format is distributed by DRG.

The Creepsons wins Swedish Emmy

The kid’s comedy series The Creepsons tonight won the Kristallen Award (Swedish Emmy) for Best Kids & Youth Program.

The series has done extremely well on SVT’s Children’s Channel and is available for all territories.


SVT’s slate for MIPCOM 2016

SVT Sales brings 16 new programmes and 3 new formats to the upcoming MIPCOM market, including a vegetarian cooking series, an LGBT drama series for children and a portrait of David Lagercrantz, author of the sequel to Stieg Larsson’s worldwide megahit trilogy about superhacker Lisbeth Salander.

Click here to download SVT Sales’ catalogue for Children’s Programmes.
Click here to download SVT Sales’ catalogue for Doc’s, Lifestyle, Culture & Drama.


Children’s Programmes

The Rainbow Family is a drama series about 5-year-olds Acke and Fia, who live in an extended LGBT family, with two mums, two dads, eight grandparents and a great-grandmother. The series wants to show children that families today come in all shapes and sizes, but without stressing this fact in any way.

Selma’s Saga is a colourful adventure series in 24 episodes. It tells the story of 8-year-old Selma, who manages to sneak onboard an airship expedition to the North Pole. The expedition, led by the eccentric scientist Ephraim von Triplehat, is aiming to prove that Santa Claus really exists.

Bon is a wild and crazy French chef who loves to cook food from all over the world – thrashing around in his kitchen, improvising the recipes as he goes along. This series of short, humorous programmes is extremely popular on SVT’s free-VOD platform with both younger and older children.

SVT Sales also brings three new kids TV formats, the reality series Zombie, lifestyle series I Want a New Room, and food series Our Restaurant.



David Lagercrantz – The Year in the Spider’s Web is a behind-the-scenes look at one of the biggest book releases in recent years, namely the sequel to Stieg Larsson’s enormously successful Millenium trilogy. It is also an intimate portrait of it’s author, David Lagercrantz.

The Road to Madness is a touching film about a down-and-out man, Kent Sidvall, and how he manages to sing his way out of homelessness and drug addiction.

Automation is a documentary exploring how digitalization, robotics and automation could reshape the future of labour markets. The film is shot in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, New York, London and more.

In Erik Gandini’s recent documentary ”The Swedish Theory of Love” (2015) there is a character who stands out from the crowd, the surgeon Erik Erichsen. The Rebel Surgeon is an intimate portrait of him and his wife Sennait. When Dr Erichsen got tired of Swedish bureaucracy he moved to Ethiopia. In a small field hospital, with limited resources, he uses anything at hand to help the patients.

The Last Harvest is a film about an element most people just take for granted, something that is an absolute condition for life as we know it: soil. The soil is teeming with life and contains billions of bacteria, fungi and other organisms that makes it fertile and rich. But the microbiological world and life are under constant threat. The Last Harvest highlights a huge and urgent environmental issue. Shot in 4K.

Sápmi Sisters is a four-part documentary series following the two Sami sisters Maxida and Mimie Märak. Maxida is a rapper, joiker and actress, while Mimie is devoted to poetry slam and spoken word. They both live in Jokkmokk in northern Sweden, fighting for the rights of the Sami people.



Veggie Galore is Sweden’s first all-vegetarian cooking program, where the two enthusiastic chefs Karoline Jönsson and Elenore Bendel-Zahn cook 100% wholesome and natural food. Grilled vegetarian hamburgers, veggie tacos and edible face masks are but some of the gorgeous meals they prepare.

SVT Sales also brings the last season of the popular show The Garden Time to MIPCOM. In it the show host and her aides spend much of the time preparing the garden for an outdoor wedding, between Destiny and Hanna.


Cultural Programmes

William Shakespeare wrote a lot of music and dances into many of his famous plays. In the film Shakespeare – More than Words we get to see and hear the original versions of the songs and dances, which today are almost forgotten.

The documentary The Fantastic Journey – A Portrait of Daniel Harding is about the fruitful collaboration between renowned conductor Daniel Harding and the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra. The same conductor and orchestra are also featured in The Hidden Symphony, where they perform Felix Mendelssohn’s mysterious Symphony No. 5.

To perform at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York, is an unobtainable dream for many artists. In SVT’s new music series, A Night in New York, some of Sweden’s biggest artists get the chance to sing in front of a big crowd in this famous concert hall. Backing up the artists is ”The Late Show Gospel Choir”, known from David Letterman’s talkshow. The choir is directed by the charismatic Lady Peachena.

In this series the myth about men from Tornedalen is put to test. What are these men capable of and what kind of self-perspective do they have? Are they prepared to put their manhood at stake by participating in something as odd as The Sauna Ballet.

SVT Archive Sales at the footageMarketplace on May 25

SVT Archive Sales will be at the footageMarketplace in London on Wednesday May 25. Please come and see us at Table 16 on 195 Piccadilly (home of BAFTA).

New doc’s, a concert & lifestyle programmes in SVT’s MIPTV 2016 slate

SVT Sales brings new documentaries, lifestyle programmes and a concert to MIPTV 2016 in Cannes. 

Pulling Together (doc, 54′)
In the small town of Tibro, a circle of young friends set out to arrange Sweden’s biggest amateur competition in tractor pulling. This feelgood film tells the story of a close-knit group of male buddies and their love for motors and tractors.

A Year with the Swedish Royal Family (doc, 59′)
The year 2015 was eventful for the Swedish Royal family. It saw both a wedding and a new member of the family, and the royalties made several journeys abroad.

Just a Normal Person (doc, 58′)
Some people are born in the wrong body. Sam is one of them. This touching film is about everyone’s right to be who they really are. This film is Sam’s story.

If Walls Could Talk (lifestyle series, 6 x 60′)
In this series curious owners of old houses will get to know their home from inside and out. A historian and an architectural curator will recount the history of the house and renovate it back to its former glory.

Pray for Love (lifestyle series, 7 x 60′)
Priests have a dutiful job with no fixed hours, leaving little time to find a partner. In this brand new reality format four single Swedish priests are looking for someone to share their life with.

Nobel Prize Concert 2015 (classical music concert, 105′)
One of today’s most celebrated conductors, Franz Welser-Möst, leads the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra at this year’s Nobel Prize Concert. Soloist is the young pianist Daniil Trifonov.
The first act consists of Sergei Rachmaninoff’s ”Piano Concerto No. 3”, and the second act consists of Richard Strauss’s ”Ein Heldenleben”.

SVT Sales’ doc ”Back to Lampedusa” awarded in Jordan

Christian Catomeris’ documentary Back to Lampedusa today won the Anna Lindh Mediterranean Journalist Award 2016, in the Audovisual Category.

Back to Lampedusa is a documentary about the tragedies that continue to unfold in the Mediterranean. But it is also a warm and hopeful film about ordinary Lampedusians generosity towards the desperate migrants, arriving from countries where they see no hope or future.

The aim of the Anna Lindh foundation is to ”…bring people together from across the Mediterranean to improve mutual respect between cultures and to support civil society working for a common future for the region”.

7 new doc:s & 6 new kids programmes to MIPCOM ’15

SVT Sales brings seven new documentaries and six new children’s programmes to MIPCOM 2015 in Cannes. 

Life Begins at 100 (doc, 58′)
She has been called ”The world’s oldest blogger” and ”Sweden’s most up-to-date veteran”. Meet Dagny Carlsson, 103 years old!

Becoming Ann-Christine (doc, 58′)
At age 57 the Swedish priest Åke decided to show his real self. Åke became Ann-Christine.

Back to Lampedusa (current affairs doc, 58′)
A documentary about the tragedies that continue to unfold in the Mediterranean. But it is also a warm and hopeful film about ordinary Lampedusians generosity towards the desperate migrants.

The Art of Killing a Politician (doc, 59′)
A gripping portrait of the person who may be the first woman in Guatemala’s history to become President.

Gotta Dance! (doc series, 8 x 15′)
A documentary series about dance, passion and fierce competition,  depicting the lives of eight of Sweden’s most promising talents within dancesport.

Laleh – Not Ready to Die (music doc, 73′)
A close and intimate portrait of one of Sweden’s most beloved artists.

A Year with Måns Zelmerlöw (music doc, 23′)
Swedish artist Måns Zelmerlöw won Eurovision Song Contest 2015 by a landslide with the song ”Heroes”. This film follows him during the fantastic, tough, funny and crazy year following his victory.

Door Code – youth drama, (Season I: 10 x 10’, Season II: 8 x 20’)
Door Code is a web drama series about friendship, love and self respect. Both seasons has been tremendous successes when shown in Sweden, particularly among teenage girls.

The Creepsons (children sitcom, 12 x 30′)
When blood runs scarce in Transylvania, a noble vampire family is forced to move to a Stockholm suburb. This series is a funny, and slightly scary, comedy for the 8 to 12 year olds.

Pax’s Adventures on Earth (children comedy, 2 seasons – 10 x 15’ each)
In this series we get to follow the crazy space pilot Pax, from the planet Ypsagon, on her funny and exciting adventures on the strange planet called Earth. The series is without any dialogue, only accompanied by sound effects and a voice-over.

Jecko & Jessie (children comedy, 10 x 15′)
Two colorful, and slightly nutty, characters on a quest to find the perfect camp site. A crazy and universal humour series for all ages, without any spoken dialogue.

Emotions with Eva (childrens factual, 10 x 15′)
Why do we have emotions and why are they necessary for our survival? In this brand new series well-known Swedish TV host Eva Funck explains emotions like anxiety, anger, joy and shame, and how we as humans can handle them better.

My Pet, Death & I (childrens factual, 10 x 15′)
A documentary series following children through the grieving process when their beloved pets passes away. Awarded with the prestigious Swedish TV Prize Kristallen, and also nominated for an international Emmy.

SVT Archive Sales at the Footage Marketplace May 20

SVT Archive Sales will be at the Footage Marketplace in London on Wednesday May 20. Please come and see us at table 16 on 195 Piccadilly (home of BAFTA).

9 new doc’s in SVT’s lineup for MIPTV

SVT Sales brings no less than nine new documentaries to the upcoming MIP market in Cannes, ranging from feelgood films to investigative reportages. The slate also includes lifestyle series Model Boys and Model Girls, as well as the comedy drama Taxi.

Klicka för nästa
Hello Dakar is a humorous documentary about a Swedish call center opening in Senegal. The film follows the hopeful local applicants as they take the crash course to learn fluent Swedish in just seven months.

Klicka för nästa
The Gymnast Who Learned to Walk
tells the story of a promising gymnast’s miraculous recovery after a severe accident he suffered while practising advanced jumps. A heartwarming film made by renowned Swedish documentarist Tom Alandh.

Klicka för nästa
Life Should Be Lived
is a feelgood documentary about a group of disabled and demented Swedish seniors, who gets an unlikely chance to travel to Greece. The film hit the Swedish viewers right in the heart, and social media virtually exploded with likes and shares when it was aired.

Klicka för nästa
Astrid Lindgren
’s children’s books have sold over 150 million copies worldwide, but who was she? Kristina Lindström’s three-part documentary tells the story of her life and time. It was a huge success when aired in Sweden during Christmas 2014, with a 34.5% share of all viewing.

Klicka för nästa
Khao Lak
is a personal documentary made by Jens Lind, who escaped the 2004 tsunami by a whisker. Since then he has returned several times to his paradise Thai resort Khao Lak, a place that disappeared and then reappeared again.

Klicka för nästaA Dangerous Idea
is about the fast growing peace movement in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In the film we meet people from both sides who have lost loved ones, but still choose reconciliation instead of revenge.

The Madonna Case
is a dark and schocking documentary about a Romanian trafficking and sex slavery ring in Sweden’s second largest city Gothenburg.

Klicka för nästa
Chasing the Snow Leopard
tells the story about Swedish scientist Örjan Johansson, who has lived in the Mongolian mountains for years. There he tracks and tags snow leopards, a mysterious and elusive species that today is almost extinct.

The documentary
A Year With the Swedish Royal Family is a unique film about the eventful year of 2014. Among other things a new member of the royal family, Princess Leonore, was born, and the engagement between Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist was announced.

Klicka för nästa
The two lifestyle series
Model Boys and Model Girls follows Swedish models on photo shoots and fashion shows all over the world. They offer a behind-the-scenes look at an industry with extreme demands and an absolute obsession with bodies and looks. Both series were originally commissioned for the web.

Klicka för nästa
The comedy drama series
Taxi, commissioned for the web, is all about the middle class couple Magnus and Alice. After ten years their relationship is at a crossroads and during their constant taxi rides we get to know them, through good and bad, thick and thin.

SVT brings three new formats to MIPTV

To the upcoming MIPTV market in Cannes SVT Sales brings three new lifestyle formats.

In the food series
The Intern Chef the Michelin-starred Swedish chef Niklas Ekstedt serves as an intern in topnotch restaurants all over the world. His goal is to compose and cook a meal that hopefully will make it all the way into the restaurants menu, and he has got only five days to succeed. The series is available both as ready-mades and format.

Klicka för nästa
What happens when a couple decide to realise the house project of their dreams? How does it affect their lives?
House of Dreams is equally a design and relationship series. It follows eight ambitious house projects from start to finish, an endeavour that can take several years. In Sweden the series has been a great succes, and the second season had an average share of 26.2% on a highly competitive slot (Mondays at 8.00 pm).

Klicka för nästa
In the brand new format
Family Adventures we meet four families who have sold all their belongings and moved to the other side of the world, in search of the good life. Through eight episodes we follow the families, sharing with them every emotion, from homesickness and fear, to joy and sheer bliss.

”Focus on the Nordics” at MIPTV 2015

MIPTV 2015 will see more than 20 of the Nordic region’s top broadcasters, producers, creatives, distributors and digital-media pioneers come together in Cannes for the Focus on the Nordics event. The pan-regional initiative — the first of its kind ever staged by the Nordic content industry — is co-hosted by MIPTV organiser Reed MIDEM and curated by industry veterans Annie Wegelius, former director of programming at Swedish public broadcaster SVT, and Thomas Hedberg, founder of Titan TV.

Focus on the Nordics will consist of a strand of conferences and networking opportunities throughout the MIPTV week, culminating in a dedicated day on April 14 of seminars, show-and-tells, market overviews, digital talks and broadcaster Q&As. The various sessions will explain and explore the disproportionate impact of the relatively small Nordic media industry on the global market, examine the region’s role as a digital game-changer and early adopter of mobile and multiplatform broadcast technology, and showcase the content that is winning over the elusive Millennial generation with its new approach to interactive storytelling. MIPTV delegates will also be introduced to the creative and commercial faces behind the unstoppable Nordic drama phenomenon.

Annie Wegelius, one of the chief architects of Focus on the Nordics, said the motivation for the initiative came from the realisation that “the Nordics have a story to tell that the global industry would be interested to hear”. Since the mid-1990s, the Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish creative industries have produced a steady stream of fresh and original dramas, formats and web series, becoming in the process prime targets for global production giants eager to become part of the Nordic success story.

Wegelius added: “Because the digital revolution came early to our region, we are not only comfortable with next-generation technology, but we have had more than 10 years of experience in understanding how it impacts on consumer behaviour, rights issues and the challenges of piracy. We also operate in a brutally competitive market, where budgets are small but the expectations of our well-educated audiences high. That makes us an interesting test ground for new ideas, on the basis that if a show can make it up here, it can make it anywhere. Lastly, we’re not afraid to take creative risks, which is one of the reasons we punch well above our weight in drama, documentary and formats. Taken together, we believe that’s a powerful proposition and one that could help the international industry to prepare itself for the seismic changes ahead.”

In addition to Tuesday’s dedicated day of conferences, the Nordic region will be featured prominently in the wider MIPTV programme. On Saturday, April 11, a MIPFormats session will showcase the best new non-scripted content from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The Nordics will also be centre stage at MIPDoc, where several sessions, including a Snack & Screen showcase and a special territory focus, will throw the spotlight on the region’s factual and documentary content. The region’s MIPTV profile will be raised still further by a spacious Nordic pavilion, prominently situated outside the Palais des Festivals on the Croisette.

Focus on the Nordics will close with a red-carpet party for 1,000 delegates on Tuesday, April 14. Hosted by all the participating broadcasters, the party will be held in the iconic Hotel Martinez and feature live dance-music acts and DJs from the Nordics.

DR and TV2 (Denmark)
YLE and MTV (Finland)
NRK and TV2 (Norway)
SVT and TV4 (Sweden)
MTG and Discovery Networks (pan-Nordic)

Media companies:
Endemol Shine Nordics
Ericsson (to be confirmed)
Nordic World
Nordisk Film & TV Fond
Nordisk Film TV – a Banijay Group company
Zodiak Media

Producer associations:
FAVEX | Finnish Film & Audiovisual Export (Finland)
Film&TV Producenterna (Sweden)
Producentforeningen (Denmark)
Virke Producentforeningen (Norway)

Two new doc’s added to SVT’s catalogue

Khao Lak
Khao Lak
SVT’s reporter Jens Lind escaped the tsunami in 2004 by a whisker. In this documentary he tells the story of how the disaster has affected the Thai resort Khao Lak, where he was with his family just a few days before it all happened. In particular the film tells the story of the small bungalow village Mai’s Quiet Zone, a jungle paradise now lost forever.

En farlig idéA Dangerous Idea
After yet another bloody war in Gaza, the voices against the violence are getting louder. In this film SVT’s reporter Peter Löfgren meets people who in different ways have had their lives affected by the conflict between Israel and Palestine. They are refugees, officers, housewives, and settlers from both sides of the conflict. What they all have in common is a deep longing for peace.

Meet SVT at footageMarketplace in New York on November 19

SVT Archive Sales will be at the footageMarketplace in New York on November 19. Looking forward to seeing you there.

SVT’s lineup for MipJunior 2014

To MipJunior 2014 SVT Sales brings 3 new programmes and 3 new formats.

An adventurous children’s drama series about the superhero Energina and her fight against the mad scientist Dr Doominator, who is threatening to destroy the city of Metroborg.

A drama series for young viewers, about school, summer vacations, family, friendship and love.

Murkles & Purkles
A humorous series of short animations, about creatures living on a tropical island. A second season is now available.


The viewers homemade dolls, crafted out of toilet rolls, compete in a song contest. Well-known Swedish artists do the voices as the dolls perform songs originally written for Minimello. A huge success that has run for 5 consecutive seasons.

Daddy’s Money
A comedy drama about the richest man in Sweden and his son Bröli, living together in an enormous castle. The series is all about justice and injustice, equality and inequality, and it’s packed with absurd humor.

A game show in a fantasy world filled with slime, mazes and strange creatures. In the cool retro-future environment reigns the designer and inventor Daedalus, who dares children to search for the secret teleporter that leads to his underwater world.

30 nominations for SVT at Kristallen Awards (Swedish Emmy)

SVT has received 30 nominations for the Swedish TV prize Kristallen 2014. Two of the nominees are available in SVT Sales catalogue:

Labyrinth – children’s game show, available as format.

Miss Friman’s War – three-part period drama series, nominated for Best Actress (Sissela Kyle) and Best Drama Series.

Click here for all Kristallen nominations (in Swedish).

The live broadcast Kristallen Awards Ceremony will take place Friday 29 August.

Two SVT docs nominated at Wildlife Vaasa Festival

Two of SVT Sales documentaries are nominated at the Wildlife Vaasa International Nature Film Festival 2014, that takes place 1-5 October in Finland.

The Bee Effect, an alarming film about the global decline of pollinators, is one of the nominees in the Environment & Conservation category.

The meditative and beautiful nature film Oak – The Tree of Life, is nominated in the Nordic category.

Both films are available for all territories.

Below is a link to all nominees:
Wildlife Vaasa Festival – Nominations 2014 

SVT Sales lineup at Scandinavian Screening 2014

SVT’s & DR’s joint venture Scandinavian Screening will this year be held at DR Byen in Copenhagen, 4-6 June.

SVT bring programmes and formats of all genres to the screening:

ECMO – The Final Chance
The Temple of Dreams
The Bee Effect
Oak – The Tree of Life

Avicii On Tour

Miss Friman’s War
Don’t Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves
The Molanders

Sam Takes Charge
Murkles and Purkles (season I & II)
Alfie Atkins – restored in HD
Astrid Lindgren: Seacrow Island – restored in HD

Daddy’s Money – scripted comedy format
Labyrinth – non-scripted children’s format

SVT’s lineup for MIPDOC 2014

ECMO – The Final Chance
A unique depiction of daily life at an intensive care clinic helping extremely sick patients with a fatality risk of at least 80 %. One of the patients we meet in the film is newborn Sophie who lies dying in a hospital in Ireland. The ECMO team fly her back to the Swedish clinic, in a last attempt to save her life…


The Bee Effect
In recent years there has been a dramatic reduction of pollinators. If this trend continues a large part of our food production is under threat, and life as we know it will look very different in the future. This film is a wake-up call  about an environmental disaster happening right now. Visually stunning, available in 4K.


Oak – The Tree of Life
A beautifully shot film showing the enormous biodiversity of oaks, from the bird nests at the top to the the badger´s basement. The filmmakers have captured a great many species, from insects and fungi, to birds and mammals.


Avicii on Tour
Last year Avicii (aka Tim Bergling) released his first full length album “True”, which instantly became a chartbuster all over the world. The hit single ”Wake Me Up” has been streamed over 200 million times on Spotify (a world record), and it has almost 300 million plays on Youtube. This film is a close-up portrait of Avicii, shot during his Australian tour last year.


Karl Ove Knausgård – After My Struggle
How does one feel after having spent three intense years of writing 3,500 pages on ones own life? In this film we meet an author who wanted to create the most true and honest autobiography ever written. It portrays Karl Ove Knausgård during the year after he finished writing the book series, an enormous enterprise that has left him exhausted and depressed.


The 986 Patent
This is the story of one of the biggest and longest patent disputes in European history. What began in 1975 as a dream of adding color to computer monitors soon turned into a nightmare for the inventor Håkan Lans, involving high-powered lawyers, FBI agents and multinational corporations.


Surfing the Web of Hate
The Internet is flooded with sexual harassment and death threats, mostly aimed at women. This reportage takes a closer look at the phenomenon of misogyny and hate speech on the web and we meet women who are used to receiving severe threats. The program stirred a huge debate in Sweden when aired, and the topic of Internet hate on women dominated the conversation in social media for a long time.


A Better Life
Guest workers from Cameroon have been systematically exploited in the reforestation industry in Sweden. SVT reveals the conditions the Cameroonians worked under, with extremely low salaries, illegal fees and threats from the employer.


Miss Friman’s War
SVT also brings this comedy drama, based on a true story, which was a huge success when aired in Sweden during Christmas 2013, with over 1.6 million viewers tuning in – a 41.8% share of all viewing. It’s all about a courageous group of women brave enough to take on both the male ruling classes of the day and a corrupt food industry.


Köpa arkivklipp / Hjälp med distribution

Köpa arkivklipp / Hjälp med distribution
SVT har ett av världens största tv-arkiv, med material från 1896 till idag. Vi säljer klipp ur alla genrer, för alla typer av användning, över hela världen. Bland våra kollektioner finns till exempel Nobelpriset, ABBA, det svenska kungahuset och Lennart Nilssons filmer.

Kontakta någon av våra arkivförsäljare för en kostnadsfri förfrågan/offert. Vi erbjuder snabb service, enkel leverans och konkurrenskraftiga priser. 

SVT:s programförsäljning säljer program över hela världen ur de flesta programgenrer, bland annat dokumentärfilmer.

Om du behöver hjälp med internationell distribution av din dokumentär så kontakta Paulette Rosas Hott eller Nilla Norberg på SVT International, för att diskutera ett möjligt samarbete.

Big hit period drama now available

Miss Friman's War
Miss Friman’s War is a three-part comedy-drama set in Stockholm in 1905. It was a huge success when aired in Sweden during Christmas 2013, with over 1.6 million viewers tuning in (41.8% share).

The series is based on a true story, about a group of courageous women who challenge the male ruling classes and especially the corrupt food industry of the day.

Miss Friman’s War is available for all territories – please contact Paulette Rosas Hott ( for more information.

“SVT has a real winner in this comedy-drama. […] It’s very funny, with sharp dialogue and an awesome cast.”

“The subject of the series may be dark but it’s a comedy-drama for the whole family, and it’s a great joy to see some of our best actresses at work.”
Helsingborgs Dagblad

Don’t Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves hailed after BBC-premiere

Don't Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves
SVT’s drama series Don’t Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves premiered on BBC Four Monday December 2nd and received fine reviews.

The Times calls it ”…a superb three-part drama” while The Telegraph’s Sarah Rainey gives it four stars out of five possible.

Avicii wins MTV Award for Best Electronic Act

At the recent MTV Europe Music Awards 2013 Swedish DJ superstar Avicii was awarded Best Electronic Act.

The award followed the release of 24-year-old Avicii’s first full length album ”True”, which has become an instant smash hit all around the world.

In SVT Sales catalogue we have a unique portrait of Avicii (born Tim Bergling), with lots of concert clips. The film Avicii On Tour 2013 is available for all territories.

Dance My Heart Out wins Václav Havel prize

Wednesday October 16th the documentary Dance My Heart Out was awarded with Dagmar & Václav Havels Prize at the Golden Prague tv-festival. The film is available in all territories in the SVT Sales catalogue. 

Dance My Heart Out follows renowned Swedish choreographer Mats Ek when he produces his own ballet ”Casi Casa” with a young Cuban dance company.

In the motivation for the prize at Golden Prague the Jury concludes that: ”With a background of two diametrically different worlds and attitudes […] Ek and the ensemble are bound by that what is most fundamental – a professional endeavour to create the best possible outcome. The director, Susanna Edwards, has thus depicted an appealing and colourful picture of a complex creative artistic process.


Sam Takes Charge – new drama series for children

Sam Takes Charge is a new drama series in SVT Sales catalogue. The series was a big success when aired in Sweden and it is nominated for Chicago International Children’s Film Festival 2013.

Sam Takes Charge is a drama series about empathy, fitting in and resolving other peoples problems. During the series the young hero Sam ends up in both awkward and hilarious situations.

Sam Takes Charge is nominated at the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival (CICFF) which takes place October 25 – November 3, 2013.

BBC buys Don’t Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves

Don't Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves
Recently SVT’s drama series Don’t Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves won the Kristallen Award (Swedish Emmy) for Best TV-Drama, and it is now clear that the BBC acquires the series for airing on BBC Four. Icelandic pubcaster RUV has also bought the series for airing later this fall.

– I am thrilled that BBC and RUV buys this excellent drama series and I hope this can pave the way for more sales. Although the series is set in Sweden it’s subject and narrative definitely has an international appeal, says Paulette Rosas Hott, Sales Executive at Swedish pubcaster SVT.

Don’t Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves is a three part drama series about love in the shadow of AIDS, set in Stockholm in the 1980’s. The series was a huge critical and public success in Sweden when aired on SVT1 in the fall of 2012, with an audience of 14,5% and a share of 34%.

Internationally Don’t Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves has won the Audience Award at the Series Mania Festival in Paris last April, in competition with American TV dramas such as “Game of Thrones” and “House of Cards”. The series is also nominated for Prix Europa 2013.

The Molanders – drama series about a family on the verge of breakdown

The Molander family live a hectic life in Stockholm – Olof is a touring concert pianist and Fanny a successful anaesthetist. At home they have two teenagers: Linus, 17 years old and Alva, 14.

When Fanny has a breakdown at work, something has to give so she and Olof decide to drop a gear to spend more time with each other and their children. Olof becomes Head teacher at a music school in the small town where he grew up while Fanny retrains to become a general practitioner. Their move will save their family but of course things don’t end up exactly as planned.

The twelve part drama series The Molanders was a big success when aired in Sweden in the spring of  2013. It is now available for all international territories. Please contact Paulette Rosas Hott ( for a screener or more information.

Avicii On Tour – a close portrait of Swedish DJ Superstar

Avicii On Tour 2013
Tim Bergling, better know known to his millions of fans as Avicii, is one of the world’s best known and loved DJ’s. He plays sold-out venues all over the world and his name on the line up guarantees an almost insane audience response. This brand new film follows Avicii during his Spring 2013 tour of Australia, where the profits went straight into his charity project “House for Hunger”.

Please contact Paulette Rosas Hott ( if you want to screen the film or get more information about it.

”Night of the Predators” sold to IKON in The Netherlands

Night of the Predators 
is a documentary about the impact the U.S. National Sex Offender Registry has had on the traditional celebration of Halloween.

SVT Sales has just closed a deal selling the film to dutch pubcaster IKON, for nationwide broadcast in The Netherlands.

SVT Archive Sales at FootageMarketplace in London

SVT Archive Sales will be attending the Footage Marketplace in London on Thursday May 16th. This is held at 195 Piccadilly (the home of BAFTA) London W1J 9LN from 09:30-16:30. Registration is free. For more information go to

Please come and meet archive sales executives Margareta Lidén and Maria Bergmark at Table 1.

”Don’t Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves” awarded at Paris festival

Don't Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves

The SVT-drama ”Don’t Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves” won the Audience Award at the Séries Mania Festival in Paris, April 22nd-28th 2013, in competition with series such as ”Game of Thrones” and ”The Walking Dead”.

The series is a powerful love story in the shadow of AIDS, set in Stockholm in the 1980’s. It was hailed by critics and attracted a huge audience when aired in Sweden in the fall of 2012.

Two new titles

We have recently added two new titles to our catalogue, both from SVT’s current affairs programme ”Mission: Investigate”.

Mission: Investigate – Men’s Web Hate on Women
Men’s Web Hate on Women
The Internet is flooded with sexual harassment and death threats, mostly aimed at women. Why does some men feel free to write just about anything to women who takes a stand on the web? This reportage takes a closer look at the phenomenon of Internet hate and we meet women who are used to receiving severe threats. We also meet 21-year-old Julia, a Swedish girl who wrote a post on clothing giant H&M’s Facebook page and received thousands of threatening and humiliating comments.

Mission: Investigate – A Better Life
A Better Life
Guest workers from Cameroon have been systematically exploited in the reforestation industry in Sweden. SVT reveals the conditions the Cameroonians worked under, with extremely low salaries, illegal fees and threats from the employer.


New titles in our catalogue

During the winter 2012/2013 we have added several new titles to SVT Sales’ catalogue:

Dance My Heart Out
A documentary about choreographer Mats Ek, who decides to produce his performance ”Apartment” with a young dance company in Cuba.

Night of the Predators

A documentary about the impact the U.S. National Sex Offender Registry has had on the traditional celebration of Halloween.

Karl Ove Knausgård – after My Struggle

A documentary about the Norwegian author who recently completed his internationally acclaimed, ultra-realistic autobiography (six volumes, 3,500 pages!).

Mo Yan – the Nobel Laureate 2012

An exclusive interview with the Chinese author, made in his childhood village Gaomi.


An adventurous drama series about two inventive young children trying to stop an evil company’s plans.


A both funny and gripping childrens drama series about an imaginative girl growing up under poor circumstances in the 1940’s.

SVT Sales lineup at MIPDoc 2013

We are proud to announce SVT Sales lineup at MIPDoc 2013 in Cannes, April 6th-7th:

Palme – A 20th Century Tale
Once There Was Love
Not a Man in Sight
The Perfect Child
Vasa 1628
The Nightmare
Night of the Predators
Dance My Heart Out
(more titles may be added later on)

SVTs Programme Sales Executive Maria Bergenman will be attending MIPDOC 2013, April 6th-7th. Please email if you are interested in having a meeting.

If you have any questions, or want to book a meeting at MIPTV April 8th-11th, please feel free to contact any of our Programme Sales Executives:

Al Jazeera English acquires ”The Photographer from Riga”

We are proud to announce that TV-channel Al Jazeera English will broadcast Maud Nycander’s documentary ”The Photographer from Riga”.

The film portraits Inta Ruka, one of Europes most noteworthy documentary photographers.

Welcome to SVT Sales at MIPTV 2013!

SVT Sales will be present during MIPTV 2013, April 8th-11th, at stand R30.19.

Please feel free to book a meeting with one of our Programme Sales Executives at MIPTV:

SVTs Programme Sales Executive Maria Bergenman will also be attending MIPDOC 2013, April 6th-7th. Please send an email to if you are interested in having a meeting.

Please note that our screening list at MIPDOC will be announced soon!

”Palme – A 20th Century Tale” wins two Guldbagge Awards

Palme – A 20th Century Tale won two Guldbagge Awards at the swedish annual Film Gala January 21st, for Best Music and Best Editing respectively.

The films soundtrack is specially composed by Benny Andersson, former member of swedish supergroup ABBA.

Read more about the 2012 Guldbagge Awards.

”Palme – A 20th Century Tale” to be screened at Gothenburg Film Festival

The SVT-documentary ”Palme – A 20th Century Tale” will be screened at Gothenburg Film Festival 2013.

The film had its theatrical release in Sweden in the fall of 2012 and was a major hit. SVT aired the documentary in an extended three part-version during Christmas 2012 and it reached approximately 13% of all swedish viewers.

Read more about ”Palme – A 20th Century Tale”.

Biggest Russian documentary festival awarded Grand Prix to ”Once There Was Love”

The documentary “Once There Was Love” by Håkan Pieniowski and Kåge Jonsson won the Grand Prix-price for Best Movie at the film festival Art Doc Fest, in Moscow in December 2012.

”Once There Was Love”is the final piece in the multi-award winning trilogy chronicling a tale of a one-time middle class Russian family whose life is slowly coming apart at the edges. Covering the 12 years since the birth of baby Nadya, this film builds upon the previous films, including the Prix Italia-winner ”I Love you Natasja”, and offers a dramatic story from small town Russia.

Previous documentaries in the triology:
“I Love You Natascha” (1999)
“I Love You My Child” (2001)

SVT Archive Sales at FootageMarketplace in New York

SVT Archive Sales will be attending the Footage Marketplace in New York on Thursday November 15th. This is held at the Art Directors Club on 106 West 29th Street from 10:00-19:30. Registration is free. For more information go to

Please come and meet archive sales executives Joakim Edholm and Margareta Lidén at Table 1.

Big Success for Palme – A 20th Century Tale

The long version of ”Palme – A 20th Century Tale (107′) has gotten a lot of attention from Swedish media and viewers. This weekend (November 10-11) more than 200 000 Swedes had seen the documentary in cinema all over the countries.

See review down below:

Svenska Dagbladet, September 14, 2012

Starkt Palmeporträtt

Olof Palme under ett tal 1979.

Olof Palme under ett tal 1979.

Foto: Scanpix

14 september 2012 kl 01:00, uppdaterad: 14 september 2012 kl 10:26DokumentärPalme Regi: Kristina Lindström och Maud Nycander Medv: Lisbet Palme, Ingvar Carlsson, Carl Bildt, Desmond Tutu m.fl. Längd: 1 tim 45 min

Betyg: 5 av 6

”Ingen dag utan Olof Palme”. Så muttrade en kritisk ledarskribent 1963 över Palmes ymniga framträdanden i den ännu relativt nya televisionen. Med det rika arkivmaterial som står till buds är det egentligen märkligt att ingen tidigare kommit på idén att göra filmen om en av Sveriges främsta politiker i modern tid. Det är som om det ouppklarade mordet länge fått både politikern och människan Palme att hamna i skymundan.

Men nu är tiden mogen. Om det vittnar en rad böcker om Palme som utkommit under senare år, där Henrik Berggrens biografi ”Underbara dagar framför oss” hör till de förnämsta. Även den film som nu får biografpremiär initierades först av Berggren och Kristian Petri. Projektet gick sedan vidare till Kristina Lindström och Maud Nycander som utöver långfilmsdokumentären, i sin slutversion kort och gott betitlad ”Palme”, även gjort en tredelad tv-serie som skall sändas under jul- och nyårshelgen.

Det är inte utan att filmversionen ger mersmak inför tv-serien. Materialet är så rikt att urvalsprocessen måste ha varit närmast omöjlig. Lindström och Nycander har inte bara botaniserat i tv-arkiven, utan också fått tillgång till familjens privata super 8-filmer – ett helt unikt material. Filmen handlar alltså inte bara om politikern i mediernas rampljus, utan lika mycket om privatpersonen. Benny Anderssons musik och de stämningsskapande tidsbilderna skapar ramen. Detta helhetsgrepp är otvetydigt en styrka, samtidigt som det också är oundvikligt att önska fördjupning, när filmen ibland bara ger utrymme för att snudda vid viktiga aspekter av Palmes politiska gärning.

As per Monday November 12, the documentary is still on the Top 10 of watched films in Sweden, which is very unusual for a documentary.
To read more reviews, click on:
Women with Cows – documentary- IDA Awards Nominee in USA – by filmmaker Peter Gerdehag

Documentary by Swedish Filmmaker Peter Gerdehag is nominated to prestigious IDA Awards 2012

IDFA, Docs for Sales – Amsterdam, 14-25 November

SVT Sales will have eight new documentaries taking part in Docs for Sales in Amsterdam, during the 25th IDFA assembly. The documentaries are:

Dawn In Rangoon (Bengt Norborg)

The Nightmare (Nicke Norberg, Hasse Johansson)

Not A Man In Sight (Mette Aakerholm Gardell)

Once There Was Love (Kåge Jonsson, Håkan Pienowski)

Palme – A 20th Century Tale (Kristina Lindström, Maud Nycander)

The Perfect Child (Kristina Ahlinder, Mia Wright)

The Strong Man of Palestine (Peter Löfgren)

Vasa 1628 (Anders Wahlgren)

Lennart Nilsson – 90 years!

Congratulations to master photographer Lennart Nilsson – 90 years!